Dear Sqeeqee Community,

Over 3-plus years ago, we launched SQEEQEE and you have helped build it into the exciting social commerce network platform for digital marketing that it has become.  However, our business is evolving and we are rebranding our platform and transitioning to a new business model that will be relaunched in the next 2-3 months under the new name “CoinLinked”.

As part of our rebranding, the website has been shut down and all “Sqeeqee Bucks”, the built-in internal points-reward system on our Sqeeqee platform, where users can redeem their points brand products, services or cash back, will be going away. However, each Sqeeqee user who has more than 13,000 Sqeeqee Bucks will still be able to redeem those Sqeeqee Bucks, but they must do so within the next forty-five (45) days starting on August 20, 2019.  That means that if you have enough Sqeeqee Bucks to qualify, you must redeem your Sqeeqee Bucks no later than October 5, 2019 by midnight PST. At that time all Sqeeqee accounts will reset to zero on the new CoinLinked platform. No Sqeeqee Bucks redemptions will be allowed for users who are employees, staff, investors, or partners of Sqeeqee, Inc.  Additionally, a condition of redeeming your Sqeeqee Bucks will be that you must waive and release any other claims you may have relating to, including any claims relating to the rebranding and relaunch as CoinLinked described in this announcement and the resetting to zero of any Sqeeqee Bucks you do not redeem.

The redemption rate for Sqeeqee Bucks will be US$1.00 for each 10,000 Sqeeqee Bucks.  Redemptions will only be permitted for cash and only via a valid PayPal account.  Your Sqeeqee account name must match the name on the PayPal account.  You can submit your request to redeem your Sqeeqee Bucks by cutting and pasting the text of the template reached via this URL into an e-mail and sending it to us at  You can also contact us with any other questions at:

We would like to thank all the Sqeeqee users who have created their profiles and built their digital marketing presence on our platform and helped to make Sqeeqee such a success.  We hope you will rejoin us shortly when we relaunch as CoinLinked.

Keep up with the developments and our plans for relaunching under the CoinLinked name by checking regularly at, and through our social media profiles:


Please note that this Public Letter will be our only form of notification about these developments.  There will be no emails to individual users and no notifications via our apps.

Warmest regards,

Jenny Q. Ta
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

cc:  Philip J. Wilson, Esq. WILSON MARSHALL & TAYLOR LLP
(corporate counsel to the Company)

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